Best Country to be an Engineer – to relocate or not


Germany has a long and proud tradition of engineering excellence, taking locally produced products and exporting them to the world.  Think Mercedes and BMW, among many other household names. Yet to maintain this momentum, companies need to keep recruiting the best and brightest engineering candidates.

As an example, mechanical and plant engineering is one of the most important industries in the German economy. More than 6,500 companies employ around one million workers – more than in any other industrial sector. In terms of revenue, mechanical and plant engineering is the second largest industrial sector in Germany (and the largest employer of engineers). In 2015, the industry generated revenues of more than €212.1 billion.

Homegrown talent is limited though, so many companies are looking further east to entice foreign professionals to make the move to Germany. Luckily, there are many reasons why graduate and experienced engineers alike would want to make this huge transition in their career and personal life.

Engineering Daily lists eight of the best countries to be an engineer, and has placed Germany at number 1. Many factors combine to back up this reasoning. High quality of living, a huge shortage of engineers and plenty of jobs, all contribute to create the perfect environment for foreign professionals to relocate here.  Salaries are high due to the demand for qualified engineers far outstripping the supply, and this shows no sign of abating.

With all the pros, what are the cons? The language is probably the biggest downside for people hoping to move here for professional employment. Yet, in engineering the global language is English, so most companies will not be too stringent, or completely waiver the need for candidates to speak German. It will help to learn the language, but that can be done while working here. However, it would most likely be a problem if you are bringing a young family over, especially if the kids are already at school age and don’t speak German. Even then though, there are nearly 20 international schools in, for example, Munich alone, so that should also not be a blocking issue for someone wishing to move here.

So, with so much going for it, Germany really is the go-to place for engineers hoping to start a new life in a foreign country – and Germany could really do with more professional engineers relocating here.

Feel like you want to make the move or to learn more? Then send us an email or submit your CV and our recruiters, all of whom are engineers themselves, will get back to you and discuss what opportunities are available in Germany for you and your family.